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Comment: Re: Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 1) 345

by WindBourne (#49141927) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The reason why America comes up with such high per capita is because we have such high GDP output, which is where our energy goes into.

The trade imbalance with China is because CHina manipulates their money illegally, along with dumps. What happens if they free their money the way that they were supposed to back in 2005? Well, it would overnight stop the imports.

Greed? You think that America is any more greedy than any other nation or their top ppl? Give me a fucking break. Our top 1% is just as greedy as your top 1%. The real difference is that our top 1% does not have regulations on them to keep the work at home. Nor do they have a gov that helps them keep it at home by manipulating money as well as massive subsidies for them to dump on other nations.

And being the largest consumer of resources? Not even close. Hell, CHina now burns 1/2 of all coal on this planet. They import and burn far more than America does.

It gets old when ppl make up BS about others with nothing to back it up.

And yeah, I think that you know that.

Comment: Re: Wrong! (Score 1) 345

by WindBourne (#49137445) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The reason that america is in trouble is because of idiots like you far lefties combined with those on the far right.

Carter did not stop nukes. Secondly, it is fear from the far left that makes it expensive. And do not get me started on the fucking GOP. Those far right fascists are working hard to turn america into a China.

Comment: Re: Realistic (Score 1) 345

by WindBourne (#49137383) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
Look up eos energy.

In addition, if we require all utilities to net-metering, but to require it to be buying electricity, selling grid/electricity, and most importantly, make it time based. Charge/pay more electricity for it during daytime, and less during nighttime. Likewise surcharges for heavy demands.

With this approach, it gets utilities to have storage ( lots of it ) combined with decent baseload power. Skip the expensive on-demand systems.

Comment: net-metering is done wrong. (Score 1) 345

by WindBourne (#49137303) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The west should require net-metering of all utilities and allow single sites to return up to 10% more than they use . the real problem is that most net-metering are simple trades, which is the wrong solution.

instead, watts sold back to the utilities should be sold as just electricity and not with grid costs in there. OTOH, when the consumer draws electricity, it should include electricity AND grid ( delivery costs ).
but by the same token, the electricity being sold back to the utility should be timed based. Basically, you should be paid for the electricity what the utility would pay their highest pay for that time slice. So, if you sell at say 7pm, then, you will get paid highest money, which might be as high as .15/kWh. OTOH, if you sell wind in the middle of night, then you might only get .02/kWh. Note that this will encourage storage. And if I were utility, I would move away from coal or on-demand systems and instead invest into storage combined with nukes, maybe Nat gas.

Comment: Re: Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 1) 345

by WindBourne (#49137197) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
Which is false. My home requires less energy to heat, cool, or light than most of what I saw in Europe. Likewise, I buy similar products as a European.

Where I fail, like many americans, is that we drive far more than others. My wife and I will be buying Tesla in a bit, which combined with our solar, means that we will use a great deal less energy than most westerners.
In addition, we work to NOT buy Chinese made products. The reason is that the Chinese gov chose to pollute heavily since they are in a cold war with the west.

Comment: re-read it (Score 2) 238

by WindBourne (#49124731) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy
Repeated exposure to 'allergen' AFTER THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS DEVELOPED, can cause allergies.
Repeated exposure to various antigens before the immune system is developed, tells the immune system to regard the antigen as friendly since it does not hurt you.

That is why you want babies exposed to dogs, cats, cows, beef, chicken, eggs, peanuts, etc.
Once they reach toddlers i.e. 2 and above, then the immune system is working, then latent exposure to various things can actually cause allergies.

Comment: wanxiang is getting upset (Score 1) 196

by WindBourne (#49100735) Attached to: A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees
China bought A123 several years ago and have really not done much with it.
Apple by bringing over top ppl will hopefully make things go right. As it is, with Tesla building 2 gigafactories in America, Apple might be willing to have tesla build a couple for them, using their own technology.

Regardless, hopefully, this will use Tesla's charging system and skip the other BS ones.

Comment: mosquito and retro-virus are important to .... (Score 1) 192

by WindBourne (#49097247) Attached to: Human DNA Enlarges Mouse Brains
evolution. So many think that evolution occurred through random changes in our base pairs. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Basically, retro-virus can cross many species, phylums, and even kingdoms. These days we only know the actively nasty ones. But, there are plenty of retro-virus that simply carry genes which mosquitos carry around.

So, when I see Gates saying that he wants to kill off hurricanes or entire mosquito species, I have to wonder what the long term ramnifications are. Hurricanes bring loads of nutrients up from the depths that feed all sorts of life. And it is very likely that by gates killing off 1 mosquito species, he will slow down evolution, esp. human evolution. That means that we can not adapt easily to changes.

Comment: Re:And they'll check their own backyard too ? (Score 1) 42

by WindBourne (#49097121) Attached to: US To Monitor Air Quality In India and Other Countries
I always laugh when idiots trot out data that is 5-10 years old.
Here is Europe's 2013 numbers on each nation's output.
In fig 2.3, you can see that America's total output in 2012 is about 25% above Europe's and that both of ours are headed in the right direction, which is shrinking.
OTOH, China's is massively moving upwards and continues that growth.

And to take it a step further, look at figure 2.5. That is CO2 / GDP (PPP). Sadly, they do not have one with REAL $GDP, which is a far better measurement. But, regardless, you notice that:
1) EU27 went from about 425 to 300. Not bad. And in real USD GDP (not PPP), they are excellent
2) US went from over 600 to around 375. That is excellent considering that PPP is based on USD.
3) China 1800 down to 900. Excellent drop, except that it was done by money manipulation, not be efficiency. In real $ GDP (not PPP), China actually went UP, not down.

All in all, America is in the right place, while nations like China are total disasters.

Comment: Re:US Interfering in Internal Affairs (Score 1) 42

by WindBourne (#49096425) Attached to: US To Monitor Air Quality In India and Other Countries
good grief.
Look, just because the work goes overseas does NOT mean that the other nation must pollute. It is up to them on how to do things.
India manipulates their money against the dollar and runs it up. They tried moving it to a point where it would be free to move, and software companies threatened to leave because it would be too expensive.
Now, you will note that India did all this by manipulating their money in the first place, and then when they try to back out, the companies will leave.
So, who do you blame? The companies, the employees, or the Indian gov?

Likewise, with China, they not only manipulate, but they also picked coal for their power. Sure they claim that they will pour money into AE, but all it went into was businesses so that they could pump/dump on the west and destroy our industries. IOW, very little went into changing how CHina gets their electricity. In fact, China's % of electricity from coal went from 60% back in the 80s to more than 80% today, and it is still growing.
Now, who is to blame for that? Did businesses choose that? Nope. Chinese gov. did.

The reason why America, in fact the world, is in such chaos, is because of ppl like you. You want to blame America for everything while ignoring real facts. Hell, you scream about CO2 emissions (which you should), but America is less than 15% of total emissions, with the entire west being less than 33%, and China is over 33% all by themselves. And that is just what is reported. When OCO2 comes out with REAL numbers, CHina's % will be found to be over 40% of the world's emissions.
And yet, you will scream about America while pushing to ignore all of the growth.

Comment: Re:Single ecosystem (Score 1) 42

by WindBourne (#49096235) Attached to: US To Monitor Air Quality In India and Other Countries
Actually, the right way to have done all the trade agreements, is with a minimal environmental, money, and labor laws being required.
Sadly, none of the west has done that. But the reason is that leaders from other nations do NOT want that. They want to take advantage of cheating by trashing their environment, combined with manipulating their money and dumping goods.
I remain a fan of NAFTA though it should have had regulations to bring us up to Canada's environmental and labor standards.
BUT, the others, esp. China, has caused more damaged to America and the rest of the world. China was required to meet a number of standards which they have not. In particular, they were supposed to free their money and drop their tariffs. Instead, tariffs on goods have increased, while tariffs on resources have disappeared. In addition, they manipulate their money more than ever.

It is long past time to stop these. Hopefully the new free trade agreement will be stopped if they do not have regs for money, labor and env.

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what *can* you believe?!" -- Bullwinkle J. Moose