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Comment: Re:Which shows that they are doing this wrong. (Score 1) 74

by WindBourne (#47726071) Attached to: How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
You obviously do not realize. In this case, they do not have footings on those. Just a base. As such, they can do that elsewhere and bring it in via truck (have to reach the area via car, so, it is right on a parking lot). Taking this approach, they can cut the time needed in half, and possibly the money.

Comment: LOL; Utah and Google anybody? (Score 2) 229

by WindBourne (#47725141) Attached to: FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike
Because a city in Utah had already started a system and had it in place, they were able to lease it to Google, which Google did.
If anything, that shows that gov. helping its citizens, and then working businesses, goes MUCH FURTHER, than allowing large business monopolies.

Comment: Re:0.15 degree from a 3.7 kelvin... that's "cool" (Score 1) 34

No doubt that is what ppl like you said when the wright brothers flew about 100' just over 110 years ago.
And it is the same thing that was said by others like you when America made the lithium Batteries.
Or when Goddard flew the first liquid rocket.

It is obvious that important issues escape you.

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America's central bank HAS dumped $ over the last 3 years. That was to stop what these other nations were doing. Had they not been manipulating, then when we dumped our $, and if they kept theirs at a set amount, then the foreign money to the $ would have dropped (i.e. more $ to the ruppe/won/yuen/etc). That was NOT the case. Instead, it continued rising relative to the $.

Now, as to other moneys, NZ's dollar dropped because the one-way trade with US increased, combined with US$ dumping $ to stop these other nations from trying to sink America. And our central bank has HELPED NZ with that.

Comment: Re:Manipulation of money (Score 1) 209

When it is considered the main money of the world, no, you can NOT manipulate it easily. To throw China and others off, we DID dump $ on the market, but we also helped allies to overcome the issues with it. OTOH, China, India, Vietnam, etc are suffering massive inflation due to their manipulation.

Comment: Manipulation of money (Score 3, Interesting) 209

The real problem is that other nations continue to manipulate their money relative to the $.
etc. are but a few.

As long as this is ignored, then manufacturing will continue to stay with those nations that manipulate the most.

What is really helping move this back is NOT so much costs, but the fact that the younger generation are saying no to this and working hard to bring it back. Look at how Target, and Walmart are doing. These are basically front companies for these other locations. They are having no choice but to start bring back North American products.

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by WindBourne (#47700623) Attached to: The Cost of Caring For Elderly Nuclear Plants Expected To Rise
The Below was actually mine, so I am re-posting it here since I know that many ppl ignore ACs.

First, new reactors are added regularly to sites. In fact, in america, all of the current construction is doing just that.
Secondly, a number of sites have already Benn decommissioned and were done in less than 10-15 years. For example, ft. St. Vrain along with Zion plant took less than 10 years.
Third, it makes good economic sense to continue the sites with new fail-safe reactors, esp if they can use the 'waste' and convert it into a fraction of volume and years being dangerous.

It is far far better for these companies to keep the sites open, running safe nuclear, while cleaning up the old mess.
In addition, just as we are looking to build new safe reactors, it would be useful to come up with a rail-road based plant that will take the old nuke waste, and convert it into fuel for reactors like transatomic's, or flibe's. Upon converting a bunch, or perhaps all, then the plant is simply moved to another site that is being decommissioned, OR, is itself sent to be decommissioned (too old; better tech; or perhaps just too contaminated).

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And the lightwaters, while requiring more enrichment initially, will leave less after the fact, than what came out of the ground. IOW, like Candu, they also burn up a SMALL PORTION of it.

OTOH, MSRs, and IFRs can take what Candu and others can NOT use, and burn up 95% of it. And all at a fraction of the price

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No, it really is NOT about the software. It is about a company that is not only copying an interface, but using all of the IP that others developed. It was Apple that FOOLISHLY moved their production, but then taught foxconn how to do it cheaper and with higher quality. Now foxconn is doing the same work for other companies, such as Xiaomi.

The more information that companies with MBA's send to CHina, the faster that they will get unfair competition that will destroy them.

Man must shape his tools lest they shape him. -- Arthur R. Miller