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Software Development Employment Rises 45% In 10 Years 118

Posted by timothy
from the this-means-less-if-you're-not-part-of-the-trent dept.
dcblogs writes "Software employment is rising at 4 to 5% a year, and may be the only tech occupation to have recovered to full employment since the recession. Other tech occupations aren't doing as well. In 2001, there were more than 200,000 people working in the semi-conductor industry. That number was less than 100,000 by 2010, according to a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute. Darin Wedel, who was laid off from Texas Instruments, and gained national attention when his wife, Jennifer, challenged President Obama on H-1B use, said that for electrical engineers, 'unless you are in the actual design of circuits, then you're not in demand.' He said that much of the job loss in the field is due to the closing of fabrication facilities. Wedel has since found new work as a quality engineer."

Comment: Re:I have done this hike (Score 1) 18

by Chang (#44255373) Attached to: Mount Fuji Gets 4G Wireless

I just climbed it for the second time in late June. There was still plenty of snow and the LTE network was already mostly live on the Fujiyoshida side.

There is no train to the midpoint of climb. You can get pretty close to the mountain on a train but you need to take a bus or car or a long hike if you want to get to the fifth station.

Comment: Re:Tax Shelter (Score 1) 1065

by Chang (#38980985) Attached to: The Zuckerberg Tax

It's far more likely the loan contract is written such that the lender would call the loan at some point during the decline in value and force him to liquidate the collateral and then some to satisfy the debt.

Now if the stock crashed in a short span (matter of days) then it's possible he could escape the debt because they couldn't force liquidation in time to recover any real value. For a company like Facebook that isn't entirely unthinkable but it is unlikely in the current climate.

Comment: Thanks (Score 1) 1521

by Chang (#37204484) Attached to: Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot


Thank you for creating Slashdot

I know you had plenty of help along the way but as a wise person once said - ultimately, all we have to offer to each other is ourselves. You definitely gave more than your share of time and energy to making plenty of people happier. You suffered fools with class and you should be proud of what you have done.

Good luck

Comment: Re:So what (Score 1) 243

by Chang (#36378054) Attached to: World IPv6 Day: Most-watched Tech Event Since Y2K

The NS glue records in the .com TLD are 172,800 seconds (2 days) but that has nothing to do with IPv6 day.

The actual IPv6 DNS records being advertised today are things like (TTL 30 seconds), (TTL 300 seconds), (TTL 300 seconds) so backing them out isn't a big deal or something that needs a lot of lead time.

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