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Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 2) 547

This is generally not a concern for most countries. Usually people move to a new country in the hope of finding work. Social programs just help get them into the workforce faster.

Sure, I suppose a sudden, large-scale influx could be a problem. But this usually just doesn't happen. And it would pay for itself many times over if the country would simply borrow the money for getting the new immigrants settled.

Comment Could be useful, but limited. (Score 1) 57

Analytics like this might be capable of informing professors what doesn't work: if students aren't paying any attention to something, then either the professor should find a way to get them to pay attention to it, or should just drop it from the curriculum entirely.

They won't, of course, provide any information about what actually does work. But at least some things that don't work could potentially be eliminated.

Comment Re: Cold fusion is psuedo-science (Score 1) 344

I'm not sure what you think this means for cold fusion. In the Sun, fusion only occurs at the very high temperatures and pressures near its core. Fusion does not occur throughout the vast majority of the volume of the Sun. The whole point of cold fusion is to try to produce fusion without those high temperatures or pressures.

Comment Re:Short term: change title from programmer to dev (Score 1) 349

The BLS says the number of programmers will drop by 26,500 over the next ten years, while the number of software developers will increase by 186,600. I.e., this story is bullshit and the writer should have paid closer attention to the statistics. The number of people writing software as their job in the US is expected to increase pretty dramatically.

Comment Re: Cold fusion is psuedo-science (Score 1) 344

You forgot one of the biggest reasons: it's completely implausible theoretically. Nuclear reactions operate at energies of at least a million times those of chemical reactions. The idea that you can have a simple, low temperature chemical reaction produce a nuclear reaction is pretty astonishing. It would require some really strong evidence.

Comment Re:rude bastards (Score 1) 358

And? For any coding project to be successful, it has to accept new coders periodically. Behavior like Linus' behavior here drives those people away. This could easily be code written by somebody who was just starting in the project, a person who could have used some guidance as to best practices. The right thing to do is find out why the code review process failed to catch this problem.

Really, not following best coding practices is never a reason to verbally attack somebody.

Comment Re:rude bastards (Score 1) 358

What do you mean, "very carefully?" He recently went on an a many paragraphs-long rant about three lines of code. This could probably have been limited to, "Hey, this code isn't good. Here's a replacement that's a lot better." There was no reason to go on a long personal attack for what can be chalked up to simple misjudgment.

Comment Re:Why was package versioning left out? (Score 1) 185

Pretty sure the main build system they were thinking of when designing Go is Google's internal build system, the open source version of which is Bazel. This is just a build system, though, and doesn't manage repositories. It also seems like it would be highly non-trivial to make use of a significant number of libraries (as you'd probably have to create your own BUILD files for each one). Versioning would be no problem, but the initial setup would be.

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