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Comment Re:rude bastards (Score 1) 358

And? For any coding project to be successful, it has to accept new coders periodically. Behavior like Linus' behavior here drives those people away. This could easily be code written by somebody who was just starting in the project, a person who could have used some guidance as to best practices. The right thing to do is find out why the code review process failed to catch this problem.

Really, not following best coding practices is never a reason to verbally attack somebody.

Comment Re:rude bastards (Score 1) 358

What do you mean, "very carefully?" He recently went on an a many paragraphs-long rant about three lines of code. This could probably have been limited to, "Hey, this code isn't good. Here's a replacement that's a lot better." There was no reason to go on a long personal attack for what can be chalked up to simple misjudgment.

Comment Re:Why was package versioning left out? (Score 1) 185

Pretty sure the main build system they were thinking of when designing Go is Google's internal build system, the open source version of which is Bazel. This is just a build system, though, and doesn't manage repositories. It also seems like it would be highly non-trivial to make use of a significant number of libraries (as you'd probably have to create your own BUILD files for each one). Versioning would be no problem, but the initial setup would be.

Comment Re:Keep beating that drum (Score 1) 120

The word "demand" is just bad headline writing. Blame Soulskill, not tech companies. This letter is more, "You should do this because it will benefit the US in the future in a way that is important to us as well."

As for local tax breaks, a move towards federally-funded primary education would do more far more for US students, as tech companies tend to be clustered. If we got away from the idea of locally-funded education, we could actually have a system where a student in NYC could have about as much chance of getting a good education as one in rural Pennsylvania.

Comment Re:Aaron Swartz (Score 1) 204

I suppose it depends upon the journal, but this seems unlikely to me. From my experience in physics, authors sending papers to people who request them has long been standard practice. For the papers I published, the copyright agreements explicitly carved out this as a right I had as an author.

Comment Re:Big news, but not unprecedented (Score 1) 235

The drones certainly can be a danger, but I have a hard time seeing how registration would help. Seems that it'd be more reasonable to have limits on how high they can fly, and disallow flights near airports. Presumably the FAA could start requiring drone manufacturers to come up with technical solutions that would make it difficult for private drone operators to override these rules.

Comment Go C++ instead. (Score 1) 437

C++, especially C++14, provides a lot of the nice features of a language like Rust, but will interact well with all of your existing C code. Far, far more engineers understand C++ well, so having somebody else pick up the project will be much less of a burden.

The main drawback of C++ is that it can be a bit of a tricky language to use properly. There are some unfortunate caveats that require some level of expertise to write code that doesn't blow up once it goes beyond moderate complexity (I highly recommend Effective C++ as a good book to read on the subject).

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