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by Chacham (#46695165) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

I will go against the crowd here, and say that Internet helps me with my faith.

You might just be speaking for them. The minority tends to be more vocal.

became an atheist by reading about religion on the Internet. He was already away from faith, since he said that he would have identified himself as religious without attending service

I disagree with your example, but not with the idea. I am not an Xian, and religion, to me, has nothing to do with service, service is just another effect.

There is a famous quote, "Power corrupts, absolute power power corrupts absolutely." That was said by someone who was denying responsibility of the individual. Power does not corrupt. Power gives corrupt people the ability to exercise their extant corruptness. A non-corrupt person would be fine with power, and we might even be the better off for it.

Similarly, the Internet does not shake anyone's faith. It stirs he whose faith has already been shaken, or just wasn't so strong to begin with. That being said, sites repute, will demoralize a person, and that can ultimately lead to shake his faith. But that is more an issue of morality than theism.

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Important paragraphs:

Fritz cautions that the study is too small and too subjective to draw broader conclusions about new or old violins in general. "Our observation is about these 12 violins," she says. "Maybe if we had done this with 12 other violins people might have been able to tell the difference." One aim of the study was to determine what violinists look for in an instrument, which remains hard to quantify scientifically. "I donâ(TM)t like violins that are too direct," says soloist Solenne PaÃdassi. "I like a sound that's more diffuse."

Not everyone is convinced that there isn't something special about the old instruments. Hou says she found the study somewhat artificial in that choosing an instrument for one tour isn't the same thing as choosing one to use for the long haul. A modern instrument may sound better right away she says, but an old Italian may be able to produce more colors of sound that only become apparent after months of use, she says. "I played the Avery Fisher Stradivarius for 6 years," she says, "and it took me 3 years just to get accustomed to it."

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Journal: Chronicle: Sunday drive to Cleveland 2

Journal by Chacham

My matzoh came as part of a larger shipment headed for Cleveland together with the other Detroiters who ordered from the same place. A driver was dispatched to pick it up, but 5 boxes of special (raichayim shel yad) order (2 for me, 3 for my sister) was missed. Instead, we got the regular (chabura) matzo. So, i decided to drive to Cleveland myself on Sunday. As i told my sister, "i have a need, i have a Sunday, what the heck".

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In SC i was terrible against other players. I never figured out how to defend sides. So, when playing against friends the rule was noone could attack me from the side. I would still lose. :)

Against the computer, i could do a 3 on 1, but not more. (My younger brother beat a 7 on 1, remember though, there was always a dead computer, so it was actually a 6 on 1.)

I checked out the SC2 demo and couldn't figure out what was going on, and didn't care enough to try again. With D3's lackluster state at debut and the still lingering always-on requirement, i wonder if i'll ever be playing Blizzard games again.

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According to a European Commission survey published in February 2014, 94% of Europeans who travel outside their home country limit their use of the web, including social media such as Facebook, because of the cost of mobile roaming.

Catch that? including social media such as Facebook

I knew Facebook was everywhere. Taken over little by little. First Occulus, now the Occident.

"Only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core." -- Hannah Arendt.