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Journal: Chronicle: Killed smss.exe 4 4

I almost never reboot Windows at the office. It takes too long, requires turning off all the stuff the IT department uses to ruin my day, and wastes time getting things setup just right. Instead, i just hibernate, and bear the few minutes it takes to get back to normal. (Hmm.. very winteresting.)

Comment: Re:More importantly (Score 1) 8 8

I'd far rather have a/c though!

Let's trade! We always want what we don't have, eh? :)

In your case, though, you can provide you're own A/C, as you have a window, put in a window fan, or a double window fan that can blow air both in and out. (I used to have one of those and was really happy. It may not be perfect, but you have some recourse. Enjoy what you have. :)

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Journal: Rant: Warm office, but what can i do? 8 8

I really dislike the summer in the office. It gets warmer outside so the women start wearing less clothes. Then they complain the office is too cold. Really?! My water consumption went up this week, and i''ve been buying caffeinated drinks just to stay awake.

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