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Journal Chacham's Journal: Examples of Trolling 2

I am looking for good examples of trolling. Whether it was flaimbait, but too hard for losers to ignore, or intended inacuracies posted to get others to respond, or just despising a depressed CmdrTaco and the like and seeing or many people will agree.

What's your story?

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Examples of Trolling

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  • Trolling (Score:2, Funny)

    by huckda (398277)
    On my honeymoon in Brasil, on an island resort I went trolling and didn't catch a damn thing. Only cost me $50 for the entire day of trolling, and my wife even joined!

    *there...a perfect example of a troll*

  • my favorite post on slashdot is here []. My brother and I quote it all the time. It takes a statement and makes it annoying (Well, funny to me). That's one example.

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