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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: On World of Warcraft 2 2

Been playing World of Warcraft, and i'm pretty much addicted. Nary a spare moment passes without the game being loaded. Getting caught in traffic on the way to play is just lag, and i started giving examples to people using class and level as analogies. Though one thing is good, i stopped all my *other* compulsive online activities.

Freetime can be split into segments of how much i can level, and cities becomes real to me. Hmm... maybe it will stop when i finally hit level 40 and get my mount. :)

The character i chose is what i felt i would be in i were actually in that world. A Gnomish mage with mining and engineering. The only thing i miss is not being able to heal (myself or) anyone else.

Besides all that. the map is done very well, the colors range from beautiful to gorgeous, and their spoofs are done in good humor. Seaforium charges, was a pun that escaped me for a bit. Can't even imagine why. But they have a mage quest not disimilar from Ghost Busters, one city has Spook and Scooty, and they even spoofed themselves by adding in armor with the suffix "of the whale".

But with the auction houses in rare places (one for Alliance, one for Horde, and one mixed) the lag near the Auction Houses are nearly unberable. Indeed, the AH has been taken down more then once for inoperability.

Overall, i enjoy it. Especially because i play with friends.

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Chronicle: On World of Warcraft

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