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NEA gets slapped (political)

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  • by keesh (202812)
    Now mod me up for commenting in your journal :)
    • Now mod me up for commenting in your journal :)

      Stop teasing me!

      Sheesh, it's bad enough that I get modded down in my own journal.

      Good to hear from you though :-)
  • In the 2002 election cycle, the NEA PAC has given $578,000 to Democrats and $52,000 to Republicans. It gave $1.6 million out of $1.7 million spent in the 2000-2001 election cycle on Democrats.

    I mean come on...10% to republicans?!?!
    if ya gunna throw money away at least spread the wealth around...come on!!

  • Unions have done a great deal of good for the world and the US. They've put up with a lot of shit. But their time is largely past. First, many/most unions (again, in the US. Don't know about rest of world) no longer have any competency requirements. It used to be that keeping out idiots was a function provided by unions. Not anymore. Anyone with a pulse can join most of them.

    The teacher's unions are set up poorly. At least in Maryland. I assume other states are similar. In most industries, middle managers and up are not members of the same union as the rank and file. It creates too many conflicts of interest, should a union need to represent a rank and file employee against a middle manager. But in Maryland (at least in PG County) principals are members of the same union. Therefore, it is nigh-on impossible to get your union to help you out with problems, particularly with your principal.

    Neither unions nor corporations are persons, and neither has first amendment rights, IMNSHO. Too bad the Supreme Court fucked up on the former. It's really helping people that they're keeping the latter in check. (tongue, cheek. Cheek, tongue.)

I THINK THEY SHOULD CONTINUE the policy of not giving a Nobel Prize for paneling. -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.