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  • What's a geocache mate?
    I'd visit, but dunno wtf it is :)

    • What's a geocache mate?

      And you call yourself a slashdotter?!?!

      Read this [] article, or just go to []

      Anyway, it a lot of fun.
      • Oh now they have actually found a use for GPS's!!!
        Yeah, I'm kinda leary about open'n up a "can of worms"(forgive the pun) left by some guy in the middle of nowhere...
        My luck and I'd find Geoffry Dalhmer's bucket.*shudder*

        But the idea is kewl, and everyone loves treasure hunting! Would make a great T.V. gameshow...
        GeoCASH =)

        • Oh now they have actually found a use for GPS's!!!

          What's worse is when people buy a GPS receiver specifically for this! :-)

          It is fun. And it is the finding it that is fun. The "treasures" are pretty much useless, although somewhat fun if you don't expect anything at all.

          Anyway, don't knock it until you try it. You might just enjoy it.

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