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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: News: Arafat is finally dead 10

Journal by Chacham

Arafat, the arch-terrorist is dead. Read about it everywhere.

Joy to the world! :)

It's normally not good to be happy over a death. Death is a terrible thing. However, Arafat, had blantant disregard for human life, and used even his own people for personal gain. With people dying in the streets from poverty, that horrid person hoarded millions.

The world is a better place without him. May more deaths like this occur. Osama should be next, and anybody else who kills others for personal gain.

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News: Arafat is finally dead

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  • I ask you: have you ever seen Ringo Starr and Arafat [] in the same location, at the same time?

    I think they're one and the same. And now, we will know. The 'Arafat' persona is gone, but expect to see Ringo putting out even worse music than before, now that he has shed his alter ego and can concentrate on his own particular brand of musical terrorism.
  • But first, some random amusing musings: Can he blow up Satan? ... He forgot to liberate himself. ... The homosexual Muslim gets 72 virgin women. *snickers* ... Pork: it's what's for dinner. Every. Single. Day. ... "Hi! Remember me? You lynched me in Ramallah. I'll be your tormentor for the next century." ... OZrael: Ding dong, the rat is dead! The wicked old rat. The rat is dead. ... In the words of the venerable Miss Piggy, "Yippie skippie!" :-P

    Now that the celebration and silliness is out of the way...

  • ... than a whole nation to dwindle in hatred.
  • Arafat's death presents an opportunity for progress in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict ... but somehow, I'm not holding my breath.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue