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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Slashdot story uses slightly vulgar word 4

Slashdot story uses slightly vulgar word here. In comments it's bad enough, but that's what i expect from the immoral rabble found around here. Though, the editors have usually kept up higher standrds.

It's about time i left this pathetic news source. But for now, I just ignored michael. If it continues, I'll probably discontinue the emails.

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Rant: Slashdot story uses slightly vulgar word

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  • by mfh (56)
    Somewhere along the way Slashdot went from being a news commentary site, to becoming a news source. I think it happened when the users started rushing here and posting all kinds of news. As a result of the flood of stories coming in, many more stories could be filtered through and posted. The quantity of stories has overstepped the quality of stories, as there is much more sorting going on, and therefore many gems get missed. The mood of the editors changed from being very selective to being more timely, as

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