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Chronicle: Comment modded as flamebait, karma game.

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  • Was it you who did 'db-design'?

    contact me if it was you please? =)

  • People should always read the FAQ [] before moderating.

    Concentrate more on promoting than on demoting. The real goal here is to find the juicy good stuff and let others read it. Do not promote personal agendas. Do not let your opinions factor in. Try to be impartial about this. Simply disagreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it down. Likewise, agreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it up.

    About the comment: You got my +1 Insightful point.

    I had a Windows machine for gaming alm

    • Thanx. I actualy liked the point i made about consoles. They have a valid concept about driving harder, but, it's not *every* game that should do that. Perhaps just mildly. They could then do more with less, so when they actually do get more, they could do absolute wonders.

      Instead, they code with better hardware in mind, and simply alienate people who do not subscribe to the bigger, better mantra.

      Thanx for the point. :)

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.