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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: (My) Geocache mentioned on local radio station. 4

True Freak and I have a geocache hidden in Southfield, MI. This log entry mentioned a local radio station. So, i emailed the person and got the following response. (I asked and received permission for the emailer to post it here.)

YES, your cache WAS in fact on the radio!. On 97.1 FM, Michelle & Greg were asking people to call in about their Memorial Day weekend plans... Someone called in and said they were going geocaching- Michelle & Greg had never heard of it and asked for geocachers to call in. The phone lines lit up and they talked about it for several hours! The DJ's challenged a geocacher to come down to the studio and take them on a hunt. One guy came down and he took them to your cache LIVE on the radio! They left an autographed 97.1 tee shirt. I was out shopping and thought I'd try to get there 1st. Well, I did! I called the station and they interviewed me live about your cache and the sport. It was fun and now I have a nice tee shirt and our sport has some new exposure. The radio station is going to lay their own cache!

Pretty kewl, eh?

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Diaretical: (My) Geocache mentioned on local radio station.

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