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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: My Amazon Kindle 2

I bought an Amazon Kindle (received 11/15/13) after receiving a coupon for $40 off. For $29 dollars, the device seemed quite nice and the e-ink display is all its cracked up to be. They said it was valid for a limited time, so i grabbed it.

Afterward, i googled* at the time and found* that there was a $60 promotion as well. I wondered if i should have canceled and waited for the $60, but i didn't. Who knows if that would have worked anyway? Regardless, it's well worth $29.

I replaced it once (received 12/7/13) after the bottom of the directional button stopped working smoothly. It had to be pressed firmly to make it work, which was inconvenient. I reported this to Amazon, and added that i tossed the Kindle to the floor (carpeted, from maybe knee-height) which might have led to ti not working. The rep said that he would replace it as a one-time thing, and that was nice.

Since then, i have gotten a chip in the display, though i am not sure how, but i am okay with it. A few days ago i picked it up, and half the display was frozen. Resetting it didn't work, and now i have a new one on it's way (estimated delivery 4/16/14). Amazon is very nice about the one year warranty, and replaced it with two-day shipping. Yet another reason why i love Amazon.

I use the Amazon to read things in the tub. I highlight stuff to review later online, and together with Kindle for the PC and Mac, the Kindle is great for research.

* Links are examples, and not necessarily the one i used.

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Verbiage: My Amazon Kindle

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  • My kindle is really my preferred way to read a book now.

    The android app is pretty nice too. When I read on my nexus it gives me an estimate, based on current page turning speed I assume, of how many minutes it will take to finish the chapter. That is really awesome. But the nexus is thicker, heavier and has shorter battery life than the kindle.

    Mine has lasted me quite a while. My kids have had issues with theirs but our experience has been the same as yours. Amazon service has been outstanding and we've had

    • by Chacham (981) *

      it gives me an estimate, based on current page turning speed I assume,

      That's awesome.

      I email it from some plugin in FF. It's great when i figure i'll read some documentation or what have you in the tub.

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