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Chacham's Journal: Title Read: Slashdot: Who's Behind the Shower Curtain? 3

Journal by Chacham

In another Slashdot PHB incident, a title read in Who's Behind the Shower Curtain?, means Slashdot is getting worse. Title reads have been mostly where the author forgot that he didn't mention the subject in the article yet. The simple fallacy of writing the title first. Moronic, but excusable.

This title read is PHB style. That is, the author specifically put the story (or a catchline) in the title, and the story itself is merely a comment. This recently happened in the same manner. (A dead giveaway isa when the story starts off with "No, not...") Though a full blown PHB incident has happened. Again, where the *entire* story is the title, and the story adds *nothing* but a comment. Thus nam37 is not a moron, an idiot, or any other reference of pejorative nomenclature, as that would mean that he is a nerd, just a poor one. He, however, simply does not belong on Slashdot, and should be DoSed, or otherwise summarily excommunicated.

OTOH, Orthogonal deserves honorable mention for his comment. It's good to know there are nerds who aren't hypocrites.

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Title Read: Slashdot: Who's Behind the Shower Curtain?

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  • Do you ever point out mere spelling mistakes?

    See this story [slashdot.org], where the slashdot editor claims that somebody is 'sueing'. Correct spelling (obviously): suing.
    • Yeah, when i see them. :) Iwas so uninterested in that story, i never got past the first line.

      Note that there is anopther misspelled word there. Time for another JE.

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