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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Five more comments modded up. Karma "Excellent". 5

Journal by Chacham

If i'm going to complain about the bad, i should praise about the good. To my joy, someone modded me up five points. To do it nicely, three were "ovverrated", so they were fixed with "underrated". Two more, which were not rated down, were then rated as "insightful" and "informative". I must say that tickled me in just the right way. Well, i _am_ a J after all...

So, first Jamie knocked me back into Excellent territory now (assuming this wasn't how) i am five more in. I'm happy. Though, i'm also curious as to what my number actually is. I wouldn't mind getting back to fifty (which means <*gasp*> i'll have to post comment in _real_ stories</*gasp*>), but now i have to figure out what number the lower end of Excellent coresponds to. Anyone remember?

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Diaretical: Five more comments modded up. Karma "Excellent".

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  • by turg (19864) *
    I think that there are more complicated formulas for good, excellent, etc. now -- it's not a simple number boundary anymore
    • by Chacham (981) *
      You sure? Then why did the same number of mods take me down to "good" and then back up to "excellent"?

      I believe the words were to hide the numbers, though the numbers are still there. Please correct me.
      • by turg (19864) *
        Don't know for sure. I understood that part of the reason for going to words was to free them from having a single number.

        In your case, everything else being equal, it seems likely the boundary might not change between the first incident and the second. But that doesn't mean it's the same as for everyone else or as it was for you three months ago. But again, I don't know for sure. One can always download the slash code and check, I guess

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