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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Jamie fixed my problem./?: Overated not for +1 2

I reported some abuse in my JE I then made a request that "overrated" not be allowed when the current score is +1 or lower, and mentioned that JE as the reason of my involvement. Jamie reponded by pushing me back up to "excellent" and handling the abuser.

First, i want to thank Jamie. That was very nice.

Second, i want to ask. Disregarding other reasons against the non-meta-moderated "overrated" modifier, do you think my suggestion was ok? It is mostly a moot point though since he pushed it off by saying it will be handled with the general fix to moderations (to be handled...), though.

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Diaretical: Jamie fixed my problem./?: Overated not for +1

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  • But I still think Overrated and Underated should not affect Karma at all. If it's not M2ed, it shouldn't be considered.

    Then I could default to ignoring all under/overs in my message preferences, and it would be like the two useless moderations don't exist.

    It will be interesting to see what they've come up with to fix it all, though.

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