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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Troll: Nobel Prize is political because it has money. 4

Journal by Chacham

I tried my hand at trolling here. Half of it was true, the other half was troll, though i think the best part was the crack about the money. There were no real takers, probably because i posted it much too late. Hmm, perhaps i need help in trolling.

Someone actually modded me up as "insightful". Guess he liked the other half. I wonder. Perhaps "troll" should be split into "good troll" and "bad troll". Or even a separate source of trolling karma. :)

The Nobel Prize is a political prize. Had it been merely recognition, it wouldn't involve money. The thought that this is used to bolster the recipient's apoliticality is absolutely hilarious.

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Troll: Nobel Prize is political because it has money.

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  • Too bad you didn't get it in earlier. I think you're right, it would have gotten a lot more bites if it had been posted sooner.
    • What the use of bold done correctly?

      As for the timing, i no longer read the front page, i only get the emails. So, in order to be in a good time frame, it'd have to be a late story. Though, i must say i'm tempted to look for a good story to troll. Just to see how i'd fare. :)

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