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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Typo: Slashdot: Modifying Employment Agreements?

Journal by Chacham

Another solidus full-stop typo has arrived. Talk about butchering it...

Then there's the "and/or". Not only is it incorrect English, it simply is not required. The word "or" is fine. This article is similar to a written form of speech, rather than a written article. Although that allows some freedom, the quality of such works are noticeably lacking. Then again, JEs are perfect for that sort of thing.

Considering the submitter wrote it, and Cliff read it before putting it in the queue (that's a second person reading it), one wonders how he didn't catch the typo. I know they change content to their liking (my submitted stories were editted for content prior to their showing), so one cannot claim they just don't want to touch it.

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Typo: Slashdot: Modifying Employment Agreements?

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