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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Ebay, a sign of the economy? Is it getting better? 2

Signs the economy is getting better? How about Ebay. I've noticed something interesting. Old Sears Catalogs used to sell for $20-$50, depending on year, season, and how well the seller can write. Over the past couple years though, they went down in price. Now, they seem to be going back up. Here's one for $40.00 (currently). There are others that are not so high, but it's a sign.

I think i've seen this in other items too. I wonder if this has to do with the (perceived) health of the economy.

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Question: Ebay, a sign of the economy? Is it getting better?

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  • Ebay, or the economy? ;-)

    Seriously, the short answer to your question is clearly 'yes' - everything except the unemployment rates is improving pretty rapidly now, and even that isn't bad (compared to other countries at present and to the US in the past) - and should be catching up soon, judging by previous scenarios.

    You're right about this being a good indicator. On a simplistic level, as people get better incomes and confidence, first they upgrade from Ramen to better food, then get some new clothes, t

  • Assuming the housing market is an indicator, we must not being too bad. Last year when we (the royal famil we, as in my wife and I, for AD's sake) were looking for a house we found that if we considered for even a day after we looked at the house, our realitor would invariabley come back to us telling us the house was sold. So, alteast last year folks must have been pretty confident, or atleast confident enough to buy a new house.

    The thing about unemployment is kind of a farce if you ask me though. Look

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