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Typo: Slashdot: Canadians Pay Extra....

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  • by turg (19864) *
    Slashdot has bad spelling -- and an ugly layout too, and they sometimes seem to be doing development on the live server and things get messed up. All of this is annoying and everything you say it is, but this is the way it's always been and it doesn't look like there's much inclination to change this. If it's too much to put up with, one can stop reading it. Otherwise one decides to put up with it. But both staying and continuing to be upset about it doesn't seem to be very useful -- sorta like freely decid
    • The spelling doesn't upset me. However, public recognition of the stupidities generally affect change. And, pointing out the mistakes is often a game. Did you find the misspelled word?
      • Public recognition doesn't seem to result in change in this case. There seems to be an avalanche of response to every error in a /. post, within minutes. The editors do take note of comments and post updates in cases of significant factual errors, for example, so I'd conclude that they are aware of the public recognition of each spelling mistake and choose not to do anything about it. When you read an article about slashdot, the second thing they say about it (after explaining that it's a web log for news a
        • I checked though, and did not see a correction for the spelling mistake.

          And you are correct on "affect". It's come from reading the words in my head, and "uh-fect" sounded correct. Thanx for the catch.
      • Did you find the misspelled word?

        I found 2:

        thier US conterparts.

        Do I win a prize?

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