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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Black Licorice 4

Journal by Chacham

So, i've had black licorice in the US, and in Canada. Hershey's. They're different. The US version is much sweeter. The Canadian stuff is quite sour.

I love black licorice. Well, my favorite is actually black jelly beans that taste *like* black licorice. :)

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Verbiage: Black Licorice

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  • by FroMan (111520)
    Find some anise seed. Sometimes you can find it at a grocery store in the baking or spice area, but it isn't too common.
    • by Chacham (981) *
      Sheesh! Someone else told me the same thing last night. Now, i'll *have* to check it out. :)
  • the Dutch licorice...
    that stuff is double salted..or single..
    anyway they have more variety than we US folks..
    and some stuff that will pucker you up like crazy!
    I love it all...

    red licorice BAH!'s not licorice then...just a red stringy candy...

    • Yeeesh! I've tried salted licorice and found it inedible. I think the problem was too many years of conditioning with the idea that snacks with the particular look and texture of ... well, of black licorice ... left me unable to dissipate the expectation that it'd be a sweet-treat.

      The saltiness was intense and seemed wrong wrong WRONG.

      P.S. I'm in the states and can get salty, double-salt, or sweet licorice from lots of places and in numerous sub-varieties. I don't know if it is a regional thing here or

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