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Complaint: Slashdot stories require reading the title.

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  • by FroMan (111520)

    Actually the Leonids are a yearly (just about) event. Pretty much any space (which was the catagory) geek would know what they article would be about. Dr. Who is also comonly known among the sci-fi (again, catagory), and infact would probably have quite a following here.

    Slashdot used to put a link to everything2 (if I remember right like: [?]) for anything that wasn't really common or had an interesting history to it. I don't see that used much anymore though.

    Personally I think there are many bette
    • Just to add to this: timothy and michael's behavior is awful but what's worse than that is there is no mechanism for any change to be brought about. sure, you can post a comment in any article where they pull their usual nonsense but it quickly gets modded down to -1. rob malda refuses to let any of the readers make suggestions on how slashdot is run. he expects the readers to provide most of the content but won't listen to their opinions. i think that is what is most frustrating because i believe most peop
    • By the way, I haven't seen Michael post an article in a he still around?

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