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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Downloading movies and episodes, and paying for them. 1

So, i downloaded Revolutions, and watched it. I downloaded it because i don't like theaters. Now, though, i want to purchase a ticket (amd throw it out). Just went to http://www.amctheatres.com/ and they kept giving me errors and the end of the purchase. Guess i'll just have to find someone going anyway and ask him to buy an extra ticket.

Moving along, i'm gearing up to go through with my plans of purchasing two season of DS9, and one of X-Files. Haven't finished downloading them though, so it'll wait. I pay *after* delivery. :)

I'm happy i purchased Slayers. I can now delete all the epsiodes i downloaded. Now, to work on the Simpsons. I'd like the first five to eight seasons (want to stop where they simply got disgusting), and the prices are decent. The first season is way overpriced at about $2.5 an episode. But the other two availible seasons, with like twice as many episodes, are priced at a decent ~$1.3 an episode. At least with the prices Amazon provided for me. Perhaps i'll just skip the first season.

The real issue is, i just noticed the DVDs are region encoded. Slayers is Region 0. My other DVD "Willy Wonka and The Chocoalate Factory", i only bought because i seem to have scratched a friends DVD. So, i never even checked the encoding. Now, however, i need to make a decision. I don't support this ridiculous Regioning of DVDs. But, there are no Region 0s availible. Hmm... I'll hold off my purchase for now, while i think about this.

It's not so much that they want me to pay. I'll pay. But two things get me. One, exhorbitant prices. Two, limitations of what i can do with it afterwards. They used to be able to control these things via copyrights and the like. So, i simply wouldn't buy it. But now, with piracy and cheap news servers, i get what i want, and i then decide to pay when the price is decent. (Similar to what i did with Diablo 2, Death Rally, and others). So, reason one is gone. Reason two, however, still applies. Even after i decide to make a purchase, the item is simply defective.

Well, i haven't downloaded the Simpsons yet, because i was planning on paying. Now that may change.


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Rant: Downloading movies and episodes, and paying for them.

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  • by mskfisher (22425) *
    That's how I've been doing things... I'll download something, see if I like it, then I'll buy it or delete it.
    Unfortunately, I can't count on everyone to do the same, so I can't share in good conscience. Or in good legal standing, it seems... :/

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