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Journal Chacham's Journal: More on Far Side

Far Side.

Page 122 in pre-history, has three cartoons that were not drawn properly. In complete, page 10 reproduces one, page 11 another, but finishes the undrawn part, and page 15 is untoched, but the caption is slightly changed. So much for showing the syndicated cartoons. These were editted.

On top of that, the binding is horrible, and it was printed in China. And, the paper on the box looks like it'll come off soon.

This is an expensive set. It claims that nothing was held back. I'm sorry, they did everything in looks, but lag in actual quality.

I'm not sad with my purchase. I like what i bought. But, if they just would put actual quality in, it would be worth so much more.

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More on Far Side

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