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Chacham's Journal: Quickies 2

Journal by Chacham

The world never ceases to amaze me. This interesting quickie. Guy gets 1600 on SAT, college accepts him, his GPA drops, college recinds acceptance, he sues for acceptance.

Fox news has that and other quickies. A related one being here. Gal becomes valedictorian, a "co-valedictorian" is named, she sues for 2.7 million, she settles for 60 thousand, after lawyer's fees she keeps 15 thousand. Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and Cornell Universities accepted her. She chose Harvard, which then withdrew the offer after they found plagiarism in some newspaper articles she had written.

Laugh or cry? Maybe a little bit of both.

How would you have titled this JE?

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  • I believe that the person who had a GPA drop may have trouble with that lawsuit. I would expect that college's would have a whole crop of small print somewhere on their websites that outline the terms and conditions of acceptance and that one of those conditions is an expectance of similar academic results. If a person becomes a much less desirable candidate, the college probably has the right to turn that person away. It's an interesting legal case.

    As for the other girl, that is old news that's been discus

  • "Karma" or "What goes around comes around"?

    At least for the second case (I'm not very familiar with the first. Blair Hornstine "gamed" her high school experience (that is, took advantage of loopholes, exceptions, and special cases, significantly aided by the fact that her family is well off). For example, one of the A+ grades that she earned was for an internship in her mother's law office. Guess who awarded that particular grade! Had she been content to be co-valedictorian, she would be enrolling a

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