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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Finished a cotton ball 6

I finished a cotton ball.

How often do we finish things? Bars of soap go somewhat often. They pretty much get thin and brittle and eventually break up and go down the drain. Even shampoo bottles are not too uncommon to go empty. The toothpaste tube, however, is different. It takes longer. When no more toothpaste can be squeezed out of the rolled and flattened tube, i feel a sense of pride. Not so the disposable pen. They just seem to get lost or break before the end.

Every Friday i light candles for the Sabbath. The light consists of a small glass dish filled with olive oil, a coated cardboard floater, and two cotton wicks. The floaters come from a set of floaters and wax-covered wicks. On Hanukah i prefer to use no wax, so i just do that the rest of the year too. It's a strange form of fun to make my own wicks.

The wicks are made from a cotton ball. One small ball lasts many weeks. Must be a few months at least. The bag of 300 cotton balls is one i've had for years now, used on Hanukah, the Sabbath, and other times i need to light. The bag is hardly used. But last week, I finished a cotton ball. Today, i had the great satisfaction of going to the bag and getting a new one.

Perhaps one day i will finish the disposable pen. For now, my pride comes from a cotton ball.

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Verbiage: Finished a cotton ball

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