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Question: Gas in the trunk, good or bad.

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  • Assuming that the car is a closed trunks (ie not a station wagon or SUV) it is relatively safe as long as the tank is of reasonable size (1 - 2 gallons). Make sure that you keep the lid TIGHT as its not the actual gas 'fluid' that's flammable, but the vapors.

    Back in my old 'redneck' days, we used to put cigarettes out in a tank of gas. Flick it hard enough, and it goes out before it ignites the pan.
  • Is your gas guage busted? I just fill up when my tank is about 3/4 empty. Maybe it helps that there are gas stations on almost every corner around here. Sometimes 2 or 3 on a corner.

  • My dad is constantly running out of gas. I got him some stuff at PepBoys. This stuff is supposed to be a lot less flammable than gasoline. It only works in a warm engine and doesn't run that well, but in a pinch it will get you 15 miles to a gas station. He has used it once before and it did fine.

    Found a link for it here [] and here []. Its called Pennzoil Roadside Rescue Emergency Fuel also an article for something like it here [].
  • There is really no excuse for running your tank dry. First, it can do terrible things to your engine and your fuel pump, especially if you're fuel-injected (and unless you drive an old beater, you are). Gas guages are meant to make you refill. That's why the needle will go all the way left past the empty line and why you can drive for an hour after your reserve light comes on. The auto makers really want you to fill it back up so that you don't break your car so they have to fix it under warranty. Pushing i

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