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Journal Chacham's Journal: Mario Bros. Update 3

Super Mario Advance. On the Mario Bros. side, Mario can pick up a POW block with the B button. My brother tried that, and somehow, with a fireball going through him, got ninety-nine lives. Well, with that, we got to phase ninety-nine, which just repeats itself. Well, the same few phases repeat themselves as phase ninety-nine, even the bonus level. Also, after getting 999990 points the points do not get any higher either.

So, there's no real point to continue playing it, with the six lives left, but at least we know where it all ends. :)

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Mario Bros. Update

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  • That is insane. I have recently played Tony Hawk 3 for GBA until I have gotten every possible thing there is to get except for the infamous "Hit all gaps" turbo mode that is just ... well totally insane. I played it so much because I really liked it but now that I have "used it up" it kind of sucks and is too easy. I think it ruined all the Tony Hawk games for me... And I used to wonder how people could get that impossible to reach "75,000" point pro score... I can get an 86 million point combo now without
    • :)

      But, now i can move on to other games. Such as, finishing Luigi's mansion the second itme. Currently, i'm up to King Boo/Bowser. And, of course the Diablo ii 1.10 patch. It's amazing how addictive that game is.
  • on Super Mario 3 for NES. On one of the duel levels, I somehow received 99 lives. (I think I kicked a box and got a fireball that gave them to me. It was quite odd.

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