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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: Email stories, getting ready for a blog.

Journal by Chacham

Well, I just made the change to email the day's stories to me, and the newletter, whatever that is. Lately, I've been reading the front-page about once every day or two, so emailing the stories might just be easier.

I find most journal entries here to be boring. Overwhelmingly, they are non-descriptive, and the few times they are, they are usually not anything that I am interested in. I check the message page too often though. Maybe I'll try checking it only once a day, and see if I even care.

I figure I am going to move forward on setting up an email host very soon. I just finished one job, and am looking for more work, so I have the time to waste. I might as well make it a blog-style site, and see if I am interested.

Then I can start putting more effort into my other ideas. Silly as they may be, I'm sure I can get other people interested in them, if I just start with some effort as opposed to a request.

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Slashdot Habits: Email stories, getting ready for a blog.

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