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Chacham's Journal: Diet: Weigh-in at ~190 4

Journal by Chacham

Well, my crazy week of dieting has come to an end. At some points last weekend I weighed myself. I got 199 and 201. That was probably after I ate and drank quite a bit. I just weighed myself, and depending where on the floor I put the scale, I came in between 189 and 191. I'd have to say a few pounds of that was just sheer liquid, since I've been drinking so little.

I cannot continue what I've done this week. I probably had less than 700 caories each day, excluding hamburger night when I had a whopping ~900. That just isn't safe. And, I don't want my body to get used to so little. But I did want to lose a good few pounds for a nice emotional boost. It seems to have worked, and I am very happy at the outcome.

Next week I'll probably go for 1600 calories a day. When eating non-snack foods, that can be quite a bit fof food. So, I should be happy with it. My only fear is that I'll hold lots of liquid next week and gain a pound or two. But, if so, so be it, overall I'll be ahead.


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Diet: Weigh-in at ~190

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  • ... and worry not, there's always the sauna to get excess liquid out of your system :)

  • For the past couple months I've been on a much simpler (coincidental) diet that has been quite successful. My food for the week is what I can carry back from the store in one trip (~15 min walk). It makes me purchase only substantial food rather than junk food.

    I think I've lost about 20 lbs this way.

    Anyway, congrats on your weight loss so far, even if it is liquid.
    • Sign me up, I like the idea of reduced food purchase. I'll eat whatever you walk to the store and buy for me... oh wait, I'd be missing the excerise.

      Can we work out some sort of conveyor system, or a small train perhaps? Maybe one of those tricked out RC cars that banky used to sell could be worked into our plan of lazy yet limited quantity purchase.

      -- Lazy-helio-pumpkin-head

"Right now I feel that I've got my feet on the ground as far as my head is concerned." -- Baseball pitcher Bo Belinsky