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Journal Chacham's Journal: Tribute: FortKnox's JE on the HOF 5

A tribute to FortKnox for his journal entry 32330, which has more than 2332 comments.

What's the big deal? Slashdot has a Hall Of Fame that lists different things, including the top 10 "Most Active Stories". The bottom-most of that list had 2332 comments, and that was just beaten. FortKnox means what FortKnox says.

The JE is active, and hopefully will move up even further. The comments totals to beat now (at the posting of this JE) are 2388, 2398, 2465, 2549, 2574, 2722, 3042, 3212, 4183. At this rate, FortKnox might get the top. Three cheers. Quite an accomplishment for FortKnox and his ring.

Wonder if this will make trollback. :-)

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Tribute: FortKnox's JE on the HOF

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  • we don't know if this will even get placed into the hof, so we have to wait until tomorrow...
    • It's better if it doesn't, then we can all complain to taco :-)

      I figure it'll at least make mention in a Quickies or the like.
      • eek... I better take down the links!

        My server is on my local cable connection. It'd kill me!
        • Ha, your serving it on a cable connections and you have /.ers with gigs of unused bandwidth on sites that could help you out eah :)
          well, if you need space, let us know
    • hof said, "generated on Wednesday May 07, @04:56PM" and didn't list it.

      So, it doesn't look like it'll list it.

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