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Origin of the word "bug" in computer use

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  • I had heard that it was a moth that got into a vaccuum tube in ENIAC.

    Oh well, at least I know the real story, now.
    • I had heard that it was a moth that got into a vaccuum tube in ENIAC.

      I had an old boss who was working with tape-reel cartridges when he was younger. He had an alternate word for what we use as "bug". Frog.

      They were based in Louisiana, and often had the windows open because of the heat. One afternoon, a frog managed to jump straight through the window and landed directly in between a tape-reel and the spindle, instantly crushing the frog, ruining the wheel, and destroying the data on the real.

      He neve
  • i always think of it as the program/machine being "sick," similar to when a person has a cold and says they "have a bug."

    but i have no evidence to back that up.
  • Foldoc [] has more to add.

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