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Chacham's Journal: Anime: Slayers and Hebrew 5

Journal by Chacham

I believe I mention before that the anime Slayers uses Hebrew in the Mazoku hierarchy. It can be seen here. I'm still trying to figure out what it means. It is really sloppy.

The use of six pointed stars, which has been associated weith Judiasm for a few centuries now (and yet noone seems to know why) would also be a Jewish reference. Though it could easily be a Roman marker, but why?

Anyway the outer circles (except for the monsters on the bottom) are all Hebrew, with he inner circles bing some other language. It *could* be Hebrew, specially the Tahnaic script, but the lack of vowels makes it really hard to tell, and there would be some letters that I don't recognize (though I don't know it all off-hand).

On top of that, the top circle is a reference to the Lord of Nightmares, who is darker then dark. Makes one wonder why it uses a sun to picture it.

Starting at the top, the first word seems to be "sheer" which means "song". Though I can't really make sense from the rest of that circle.
I tried Googling quickly, but came up with strange things. When it comes to searching for just a few words, Google can be very hard to use. I'll need to do a more extensive search later.

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Anime: Slayers and Hebrew

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  • anime has stuff like that all the time. keep in mind that random hebrew references are exotic in japan. it's like chinese characters used as design elements in america. i don't know if there is anything more to it or not. i've seen all sorts of symbols in anime. i remember seeing the star of david as a symbol on a slot machine, but i can't remember which anime it was.

    OT - wow, i'm not used to seeing comments that are derogatory to an entire continent on slashdot unless it's the trolls on the main stor

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