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Chacham's Journal: Looking for a printer 9

Journal by Chacham

I got my mother a printer. It was an Epson inkjet. It broke. The feeder mechanism pulls in pages incorrectly. I googled, and found this to be a common problem. Then there's how often the nozzles clog, and that if you don't use ink in a while it becomes usless, and the price on new cartridges is high! I've about had it with Epson. Not angry as much as a realization that they're just not economical.

Anyway, time to get my mother a new printer. Color is nice, but she just needs the occasional print up, so black and white would do. I figure a laser printer would be nice. A quick check, however, showed them to be over $200 (except for one Samsung) and the refill toner cartridges are twice the price of an injet refill.

Any ideas or comments?

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Looking for a printer

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