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Chacham's Journal: GAIM comments 4

Journal by Chacham

Using GAIM for a while. A couple things I noticed. It logs me off without telling me. A number times in middle of a conversation with someone the other side all-of-a-sudden goes silent. I then log off and back on, and they confirm that I was gone for a bit. Also, people have complained why I am not on AIM all day like I used to be. So, I don't know what's going on, but I do know that there's an issue.

Another things is more from a privacy perspective. If I keep a window open to someone, it shows me when the person logs off and on. Not a biggie, just something I noticed. If I'm not at home, I basically get a full report of when some people signed on and off throughout the day. :-)

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GAIM comments

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  • Gaim logs me off more frequently than I'd like too.

    When I use normal AIM from a windows box, there are times when things seem down, and then come back up fine shortly thereafter. Also, AIM will log you back on if you get logged off.

    GAIM, on the other hand, seems much more sensitive to the status of the AIM servers, and if they go down for even just a few seconds, you'll probably get logged off. In addition, when you're logged off, GAIM doesn't log you back on automatically as AIM does.

    Since I don't ca

  • load the "auto reconnect plugin"

    problem solved.

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