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Question: Excel: Editted Hebrew is reversed on reopen.

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  • I'd ask for you. :)

    That said, you or her can always feel free to ask at the Microsoft Office Forums [microsoft.com] (which were not that easy to find :( )

    • by Chacham (981)

      Thanx. And I Get a big "Duh!".

      I am an Answerer in the Database Design Forum (Though i haven't done anything in over a month, since i lost my job.)

  • I've had that problem in Word but not in Excel. I just keep tinkering with it, achieving limited success. I get to the point where I don't care anymore whether Word "understands" that the text is supposed to be going RTL. Sometimes I cheat and use a tool to reverse the letters [textmechanic.com]. (However, of course, this is a terrible solution if it's a document that's going to be edited with any frequency.) From what I understand, there is an invisible character that denotes when Word should begin to read text as RTL. Maybe
    • I made a mistake. In the last paragraph, I meant to say "Excel" instead of "Word" in some places. The advice goes for either app. Also, I just noticed that Microsoft is calling Office plugins "Add-Ins" in Office 2007. I don't know when that change happened or if it's always been that way.
      • by Chacham (981)

        Thanx, i'll take it under advisement. :)

        I'm waiting for a response, here [microsoft.com].

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