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Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Bought Google Voice Invites on ebay

Journal by Chacham

So, i was explaining Google Voice to a neighbor, and decided to get him an account. I went to ebay, found some being sold for $1.25 and bought 10. I want to give to a few other people too. Moments after i bought it i realized Google Voice is open, and there are no invites. I emailed the seller for a refund.

He sent the invites then responded. Our ebay message conversation went as follows:

Dear goldminejp,

Wait a second. Google Voice is open. What are the invites for?

Please refund my purchase.

- chacham

He responded:

Dear chacham,

google voice is NOT open. I waited 8 months for these. I already sent you 10 refund!

- goldminejp

I sent:

Dear goldminejp,

go to

create an account link is active.
google voice for everyone news article.

ill ask in the forums what to do. maybe you just didn't know.

- chacham

Dear chacham,

it may be. if it is, it's the first time ever. as i said, i waited 8 months for these. i sent you 10 legit invites. i even stated in the auction, that google voice is a free service, you were paying for my wait time. sorry if you don't need one, but i still waited for them, and they are still good. i can't refund for something i've already sent. sorry.

- goldminejp

I replied with:

Dear goldminejp,

That's ok, i understand.

I asked in the ebay forums what to do. If i should accept that i made a mistake or that you did. I'm planning on following their advice.

- chacham

So, i made a stupid mistake. But he was selling bogus invites. I'm thinking this can go either way. I could really use some advice as to what to do. I just don't know. I don't even now who's right anymore.

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Chronicle: Bought Google Voice Invites on ebay

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