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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Opened an account at Key Bank to get an iPod

I was talking to a neighbor and mentioned that i could use an MP3 player. He pulled out an advertisement offering an iPod Touch for opening a checking account at Key Bank.

I filled it out online Saturday night and got a call on Monday as they could not verify my address. Apparently i mistyped it, so we corrected it on the phone. I asked if i had set it up right to get the iPod, and she said no. I hadn't put in the marketing code. But she fixed it for me. I'm glad i made the typo.

Today, i got a phone call from a local branch welcoming me, asking me if i had any questions, and asking if i knew of the iPod promotion. I mentioned that is what interested me, and he told me that i had to fulfill the requirements and call back at the local branch. He responded to my next question that the welcome kit would come in the mail in a few days, and that it would be faster if i brought it in, but i could mail it.

So far, so good.

I'm planning on pulling two bills from there "automatically" (for over $100 each) and making the local purchase soon enough. Luckily i can change most billing accounts online.

Admittedly, the iPad looks tempting, but it's so expensive. A "free" iPod might satisfy that desire.

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Chronicle: Opened an account at Key Bank to get an iPod

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