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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Got an EKG (2)

I forgot to mention two notable things when i got my EKG.

One, i had never been to this doctor before, nor to the building. But the person who drove me also gave me directions. Down the stairs, right-turn, left-turn, immediate left is his door.

So, off i went down the stairs, and made a right turn into a glass door. Boom! While i bounced back laughing at myself, i looked and saw two women coming down the stairs absolutely horrified. Not sure if it was because i made a stupid mistake, i might have been hurt, or because i was a lunatic laughing at myself. I announced some like "oh, there's a door there", opened it and moved on. I gotta get me their glass cleaner's name.

Two, they wanted a basic idea of my weight using a doctor scale. You know, those super-accurate things they use with your clothes on to get a roughly accurate idea of your weight. So me being the smarty that i am, i got on and moved the big clunker over to two-hundred, and, when i was on, went to adjust to small-fry to 10 or something. Well, as i'm reaching for the top, the nurse reaches to the bottom and moves it to 150. Me being bewildered at this gross mistake of hers, she then found i weighed ~186. What a pleasant surprise.

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Chronicle: Got an EKG (2)

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