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Chacham's Journal: Nonsense: Electric flour sifter jokes 6

Journal by Chacham

I was sifted some flour yesterday in an electric sifter. As always, this allows for all too many really bad jokes.

I had a conversation with my younger brother, and this is sort of how it went.

Me: I just sifted flour.
YB: You did a fine job.
Me: That's a fine mesh you've gotten us into.
YB: Did you eat the impurities?
Me: Things like that just bug me.

Oh my, and that's without really trying.

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Nonsense: Electric flour sifter jokes

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  • I didn't even know there was such a thing. Sifted a bit of flower in my day, but no electricity was involved.

    • I even heard that sifting flour is an anachronism from a distant time when flour clumped. And now we have electric sifters. Progress!

      And yes, I have sifted flour with no lumps, in my days of always blindly following orders. Never caught a bug in a sifter though- not to say I have not thrown out buggy flour!

      • by Chacham (981)

        It's mostly not required. But i did just find a (non-flour) bug in my flour and i freaked out.

        Most flour is pre-sifted. But there can still be clumps, impurities, or bugs. Especially bug eggs that are not noticed until they hatch. Properly stored flour in the US is usually clean of this. One very nice example of a government regulation working well.

    • by Chacham (981)

      This does 3lbs at a time. And when i buy 50lbs of flour, that can be a real help.

      All it does is agitate the bowl so all the flour makes it through the fine sieve.

      • by zogger (617870)

        Are you just a big bread baker? We do some here, but with all our other food production..I don't mind buying my bread. Raising wheat all the way to baked bread gets to be a lot like work, heh. I have a few hundred lbs stored wheat, but this is emergency rations stuff, say that Ug99 wheat rust wipes out the domestic (or worldwide, who knows) product one year.

        • by Chacham (981)

          I go through a lot while baking. Breads, rolls, cake, and dustings. I probably only use about 100 lbs a year.

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