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Chacham's Journal: Link of the day: Thank You/You're Welcome/ 11

Journal by Chacham

A blog post on saying "You're Welcome", with one comment linking to a Dear Abby column. Mildly interesting in how it bothers people, and how the US is different with not use "no problem".

Just saw a link for to help ease installation of free software by merging them together. I might check this out the next time i reinstall.

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Link of the day: Thank You/You're Welcome/

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  • Thanks!

    Now, if they had one for Macs...

  • Been using "No problem" as a TY rejoinder since 1985, so I'm guilty as sin.
  • On the very day that my wife's system died.

    • by Chacham (981)

      Lemme know how it goes please.

      • I will when I get the system going again...on my 4th try I finally decided to reformat the hard drive. Never seen anything like this before- whatever boot sector virus she caught (which survived a system restore, a windows repair, a wipe-and-reinstall into the same windows directory) just kept GPFing explorer every 6 seconds. Blink, Blink, Blink goes the desktop- no time to even hit

        • by Chacham (981)

          Take the hard drive out, attach it to another comp, scan from there....

          But wiping is sooo much easier.

          • I finally wiped this morning. This evening, I'll reinstall.

            None of my scans, including a scan I did booting from CD, showed anything wrong. Boot sector even "looked" normal. But whatever it was, it was happening even in safe mode.

            • by Chacham (981)

              In Safe mode? I've seen that before. Safe mode isn't magical. It's just "safe" files with minimal settings. I was able to clean the computer by running various cleaners, Security Essentials being the last one and caught some nasties too.

              Formatting the MBR is FORMAT /MBR. I wonder if that leaves it useful though. :)

  • I'll still probably install stuff for myself individually - but looks like a great resource for helping others or doing lots of machines quickly.

  • by Bill Dog (726542)

    Good manners is the outward projection of good feelings. Intolerance is generally not a good thing to feel about others, so the blogger misses the point of good manners, the spirit behind it, by obsessing over mere phonetic sequences. See also: Saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" or vice-versa.

    • by Chacham (981)

      Good point.

      I do think that she was referring to the feelings behind the manners. Perhaps, if people know they should say "You're Welcome" but still say "no problem" it is an indication of being nice but not meaning it. If people don;t know or think they should say it, "no problem" is probably just as good. Or perhaps better as evidenced by other countries.

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