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Journal Chacham's Journal: Comment modified twice offtopic. 2

This message was modded as off-topic. Interesting since both mods were mentioned in the same message. I simply must have never noticed the name "Pudge" before. I got a nice reply, and a small thread started. Then I was modded down twice.

Modding me once, I can understand. But twice? What was so bad about the comment? Slashdot moderators are a weird bunch.

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Comment modified twice offtopic.

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  • Wierd Bunch (Score:2, Interesting)

    by On Lawn (1073)

    I've never been a part of the "Off Topic" police so I can't speak on the mindset. But it certainly seems that some moderators concentrate on pruning the discussion tree, and others concentrate on raising good discussion.
  • on a tangent, I'm an aficianado of the "MOD PARENT UP!" post. While my post is soon mod'd to obscurity, as long as the parent gets 3 or better, I'm happy.

    The last time I did it (in the leaky stolen capacitor dupe, revisited) the parent post got up to 4. It was well worth it.

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