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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: SQL Server forums team and Firefox 1

Being i'm using SQL Server now, i also hang out in the MSDN forums. They do a good job there, and best of yet, the forum developers and testers have a forum for Forum Issues reporting. There's also one for Suggestions and Feedback.

One thing that really makes me appreciate the team, is that they try to fix Firefox issues as well. To the point where the test lead suggested to use FF as a workaround.

I hear of similar things now and then. It seems that Microsoft the company and Microsoft the development team are two completely different entities.

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Verbiage: SQL Server forums team and Firefox

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  • ...that it's true in general that it's best not to think in caricatures. For one, because it makes you sound silly when mention that you've just gotten a glimpse of actual reality.

    BTW, in my experience it's similar at defense contractors. They're also popularly painted as cartoonishly "teh evil", always ripping off the poor federal govt. at every turn. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, but us developers just wanted to develop. In general developers aren't interested in and don't partake in bullshit games, wh

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