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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: How many times to knock on a door? 8

Journal by Chacham

I've been wondering how many times do people knock on doors to get the attention of the person inside. I don't mean how many times a person knocks and then waits for an answer (and if none, knocks again). I mean, specifically, in each instance of knocking, how many knocks in a row.

I find that I was knocking twice. Then, I wondered about it. Wouldn't one knock be more efficient? So, recently, I've been knocking once. I noticed two things. First, it made me realize that knocking once sounds like something may have hit the door. But, when there is a double knock, it is more likely to be a person. Also, people don't respond as well to one knock. I assume for the above reason.

I know some people knock three times. I wonder why.

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How many times to knock on a door?

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  • by red5 (51324) <gired5@gmailPARIS.com minus city> on Friday January 31, 2003 @03:49AM (#5194916) Homepage Journal
    First nock: gee did I hear something?
    Second nock: Oh yeah that was the door. I better go see who's there.
    Third nock: For redundancy. It's not like it costs you anything.
  • If it's a door to a 10"x10" office, one or two knocks should suffice. If it's the door to a large house, it could take a nice long drumming to make sure someone in the farthest part of the house can hear it.
    • If it's the door to a large house, it could take a nice long drumming to make sure someone in the farthest part of the house can hear it.

      In that case the houseowner should have installed a door-knocker or door-bell.
  • Yes, I know it sounds like a lot, but I put them very close togeather in a distinctive pattern. Someone who heard it asked if I am a drummer.
  • I knock 4 times...not sure why...I just do...But another aspect you forgot to mention is the volume of the knock. I increase the volume with each set of 4. I usually limit myself to 3 sets. The first set is for people who are near the door. The second set is for people farther away but most likely on the same floor. The third set is for people who may be in the basement or upstairs etc. The delay between sets is about 10-15 seconds. If no one answers after the third set...I make sure to walk away slowly just in case.

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