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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: A couple links on or because of laziness 2

[Sorry for the less than informative title. I was having a hard time with this one.]

N. Gasparotto pointed to an article that touches upon Liberals being hypocritical and looking down on other, and how Adblock Plus works because only some people use it.

And there this

his reasoning was that all other drugs made him feel inspired, but in the morning he could see that what he had written with their aid was nonsense. On cocaine he had written quite brilliantly, and he knew that any drug so apparently benevolent must exact a terrible price for its help.

and this

I specifically block all ads from the papers I read most - the Guardian and the FT - and this is in principle fantastically spiteful behaviour, since if no one saw the Guardian's ads, I would go a whole lot hungrier. Yet I can't resist. I will however pay for content online, which is unusual: I have an annual subscription to the FT. But I won't put up with ads that I can't ignore.

It's a quick read.

We spoke about this because of laziness. So he also pointed to a blog entry by Eddie Awad, which would be worthwhile to look at for the picture alone.

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Verbiage: A couple links on or because of laziness

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