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Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Silly Oracle installation video. 4 4

A video posted on YouTube listed as Unconventional Oracle Installation, is making the rounds in the Oracle blogs. Basically, to "prove" that installing Oracle is easy, someone installs it while wear a strait jacket, using only his nose to select the options. If only the Great Gonzo could see it, he would cry.

The video is slightly humorous, and is funnier in the idea than in action. Ultimately, the difficulty in installation is not actually addressed, being it is installed on Windows, there are no rights issues, the binary runs immediately, and the installer understands what each option means.

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Verbiage: Silly Oracle installation video.

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  • Open an XTerm, su, set your SCREEN and change perms on the files - before the script finishes running!
    • by Chacham (981)
      I remember when we tried installing Oracle in 2000 on Linux. With confusing documentation, if documented at all, we had a hard time installing it. It's not like the error messages made any sense.

      As for before the script finishes, there a good way to snag admin privs before the DB is completely installed. Something like a fifteen second window.
      • Those were my 8i experiences on Solaris and Linux. Built so many dotcoms in 3 years, I still dream about it.
        • by Chacham (981)
          Built so many dotcoms in 3 years, I still dream about it.

          Shouldn't the "it" be capitalized? :)

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