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Chacham's Journal: ASK Friends: SCO X WIndows network pointers 2

Journal by Chacham

Just got a quickie job. There a computer, and they want X Windows and a network connection installed.

The computer is: ALR Revolution
Some more letters I was told: 2X 200/255 M1E

I don't remember being on SCO before, so I may need pointers as to where to set things up. For example, /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv ought to be in the same place, but Red Hat and Debian have different places for adapter and network information, such as the actual IP address. I'll need to find out the SCO way of doing it.

Also for X, does it use XFree86, or do they have their own version of X?

I need to do some research on this. But if anyone has any pointers for me, I'd really appreciate it. This is a one day job (tomorrow morning) and I'd certainly orefer to hit the ground rolling.

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ASK Friends: SCO X WIndows network pointers

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  • by GoRK (10018)
    I am by no means a SCO person, but I did find some resources...

    Doing this compile from source will take probably all day; maybe more. Be warned. I dont know if 4.0 will run on SCO.. didn't really look...

    But yes they have their own servers which should be distributed with the OS if they bought it, so perhaps you'll get lucky and they'll be a cdrom with it there..

    As for network config, it's ifconfig and route just like on most unix.. the syntax is a bit different than linux/bsd, but it's similar enough you can get through it.

    And now, the final and very important hint: SCOadmin if it's OpenServer or sysadmsh if it's an old SCO. Run em; it's actually pretty easy to use.

    • by Chacham (981)
      Thanx. I really appreciate it. That last line looks really important.

      I ought to let you know how it goes.

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