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Cell Phone == Door Bell?

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  • witness.

    I frequently ignore my doorbell. Why? Its prolly just some schmuck trying to sell something. And I don't buy things door to door, I just don't do it.

    So I could argue with this guy (and ultimately win becuase my wallet is not leaving my ass (great image...)) or I could just ignore him and he goes away. Much less trouble for all of us.

    Its the same thing with the phone calls- I may or may not pick up. My wife WON'T.

    Its the God/state given right to quiet enjoyment of the home. I take it seriously.
  • Anybody who knocks doesn't need to come in in the first place.

    Anybody who knows me just comes in.

    The other day Rosia came in and sat down on the computer, /finally/, took me (comparatively) forever to get Her to realize that is indeed perfectly acceptable.

    Hell it is what everybody else does. :P Awhile back on my Win2K machine I had accounts setup for friends so they could login if I wasn't home yet. . . . ^_^

    Anybody who knocks is either pulling a joke or doesn't need to be let in to begin with. Well or the door is locked, take your pick. :)

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