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Chacham's Journal: Rant: Drivers downloads act like they are already installed. 1

Journal by Chacham

Why are NIC drivers sized for network downloads, instead of being sized for floppies?

Why are graphic card driver download sites designed to take advatage of the drivers the user does not yet have?

Why are some computer manufacturers removing the floppy before USB drives are most systems?

When i install Windows i come usually across these issues. Is it that the quest for the new necessarily assumes the old is an impediment to progress? Does the rush to the future require leaving the old behind as useless?

Another reason i like Linux is that it is designed for the old, but also takes advantage of the new. As opposed to the Windows mentality of designing for the new, but try to make it backwards compatible for the old. Then again, backwards compatibility on Windows is pretty good, that is, if it ran on Windows 3.1, or even in DOS, it will most likely run on a shiny new system. On Linux, it'll need to be recompiled to be the correct binary. Or something like that. Then again, with the source, it can be changed as well.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks to some file splitter, i got the nine-floppies across for the NIC so i can actually download everything else.

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Rant: Drivers downloads act like they are already installed.

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